Fall is the Artist

With leaves now beginning to fall from the trees, and a sudden chill in the air, I was inspired to create a piece of calligraphy to celebrate Autumn.

My original photo. Despite its apparent mediocrity, I knew it would come in handy!

I dug out this photograph of a (Rowan?) tree that I captured while in the Lake District a few Decembers ago, as I felt it was the perfect image to feature in the artwork. In Photoshop, I experimented with layer styles to achieve a “weathered” look that I thought conjured an Autumnal feel.

A quick Google search produced the perfect short quotation, which I wrote out in Italics (using black ink), scanned, and incorporated into the artwork. I coloured the word “Autumn” white, and applied a subtle drop-shadow to it. I then used the colour-picker in Photoshop to sample the tree’s red berries, and applied that colour to the quotation to tie the words and image together. A transparent gradient at the bottom of the image allows the calligraphy to stand out. A scattering of autumn-shaded leaves in the foreground completes the image.

Only thing is, now that I’ve covered Autumn, I feel committed to creating a further three pieces of artwork to complete the seasonal set. Watch out for Winter, Spring and Summer appearing sometime within the next 12 months.


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