An effort to improve American handwriting

Today I came across an online article in The New York Times, dated 8 September, 2009.

Image from The New York Times

I rarely see newspaper articles promoting the merits of cursive Italic handwriting, so despite the article being a year out of date, and directed at poor penmanship in the USA only, I was encouraged to find cursive handwriting receiving some badly-needed publicity. I’m not aware of any recently published UK-based newspaper articles on this topic.

As someone who writes cursively on a daily basis, and who teaches Italic, I think it’s worth re-posting the article for anyone who would like to make a start on improving the style and legibility of their handwriting.

Handwriting resources by the authors of the article, Barbara Getty and Inga Dubay, can be found here.

The full New York Times article on cursive handwriting can be found here.


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