Calligraphy takes flight

Having an interest in graphic design, I subscribe to “Living Design,”  a tremendous resource for creative and curious minds.

While reading their latest post this morning, I was drawn to the leading photograph, a beautifully vibrant calligraphic letter “O” reproduced above. I immediately assumed that the blog’s author, Asif R Naqvi, had produced a feature on calligraphy.

Not so.

Despite the “O” being created with Sumi calligraphy ink, the calligraphic shape didn’t evolve from a pen or brush, but from high-speed strobe equipment that photographs liquid in mid-flight. Remarkably, the beautiful “O” is ink that was photographed while suspended in mid-air, and its creator is not a calligrapher but a photographer called Shinichi Maruyama who has developed a fascination for liquid and motion imagery.

The full “Living Design” article featuring Maruyama’s art is here. In particular, look out for the brief, but stunning, slow-motion video that shows Maruyama creating his fantastic water sculptures.

As someone who writes with a medium nib much of the time, all I can say is “WOW” to the sheer scale of the calligraphic shape being created by Maruyama above. The photograph is reminiscent of the scale and vibrancy of the lettering by calligrapher Denis Brown.

See more examples of Shinichi Maruyama’s incredible water sculptures here.


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