HDR photography with calligraphy (2)

Having featured Edinburgh in an earlier post, I thought I’d show my impartiality by creating another piece featuring Glasgow.

From my vantage point on Bell’s Bridge, I photographed the Finnieston Crane and the “Squinty Bridge,” and created an HDR image from the photograph using Photomatix. I hand-lettered the chorus of The Song of the Clyde, scanned it, and incorporated it into the photograph using Photoshop. Then I coloured the lettering white and gave it a subtle drop shadow to integrate it with the grey clouds.

Before I settled on using the chorus of Song of the Clyde for this piece, I googled “Finnieston Crane” in the hope of finding some appropriate words for the image. When I unexpectedly stumbled upon the following story, my jaw almost hit the floor.



Work began in the early hours of the morning to dismantle Glasgow’s iconic Finnieston crane in order to use its steel for a massive art project in Edinburgh city centre, STV News can reveal.
For three-quarters of a century, the crane at Finnieston on the banks of the Clyde has symbolised Glasgow’s pride in its heavy engineering heritage. Built in 1931, and properly known as Clyde Navigation Trustees Crane Number 7, it was used to lift heavy goods such as tanks and railway engines on to ships.
But now the A-listed structure is being dismantled and, to the horror of Glaswegians, the steel will be used to construct a modernist version of the Eiffel Tower in Princes Street Gardens in Edinburgh.


The original unprocessed photograph

It gradually dawned on me that the story was in fact an April Fools joke played on an unsuspecting public by STV news. Bad enough that I fell for an April Fools joke, but falling for an April Fools joke in October must make me a special kind of fool.

But at least the Finnieston Crane is staying in Glasgow.


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