Calligraphy with watercolour painting

My daughter, Lorraine, spent some time working in the Italian Dolomites a number of years ago. An accomplished artist, she created many watercolours of the scenery and plant-life surrounding the towns of Pedraces and Arraba. Speaking as someone who can’t paint to save himself, I’m delighted to have access to this source of original artwork that can act as backgrounds – and as inspiration – for my calligraphic compositions.

In the example above, I found an appropriate mountain-related quotation online at Brainy Quote, and wrote it in Italics using black ink. I then scanned the lettering and imported it into Adobe Photoshop, where I split it into four separate lines. I placed each line on its own transparent layer above the painted layer and moved them into position. I sampled the off-white border colour and applied an identical colour to the top two lines of lettering, which allowed the focal point “the mountain ahead” to merge seamlessly into the border along the bottom edge of the painting. I added a horizontal gradient to the third line of lettering to echo the brown-to-green colouring of the painted foreground directly above.

The result is a combined family effort that I’m really proud of, and I look forward to applying my hand-lettering to more of Lorraine’s fantastic watercolours in the future.

For those interested in the geographical detail, the painting features Marmolada, a mountain in northeastern Italy, and the highest mountain of the Dolomites (a section of the Alps).


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  1. I liked the content very much. Congratulations, you write very well.

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