I’m not just any old teacher of calligraphy…

It’s official!

I am the World’s Best Teacher.

No… really… I am. And before anyone feels compelled to dispute this fact, the mug in the above photo belongs to me and is irrefutable proof of my newfound top-dog status.

The mug was gifted to me by Rita, one of my students, on the final evening of my most recent calligraphy class. I was delighted to receive the recognition. I was also relieved, because now I can stop worrying about how I rank as a teacher on a global scale.

I brought home the mug and proudly showed it to my wife. I thought she might be inspired to rush out and buy me a “World’s Best Husband” mug but, at the time of writing, nothing has transpired on that front. That’s OK. I can’t expect to be the “World’s Best Teacher” and the “World’s Best Husband” simultaneously. Something had to give.

So for now I’ll wallow awhile in simply being the “World’s Best Teacher.” That’s a very nice thing to be.

And thank you, Rita, for bestowing the title upon me… you made my day!


3 Responses to I’m not just any old teacher of calligraphy…

  1. Scarlet says:

    I’m sure you are!
    You’ve written lots of posts since I last dropped by – I had given up hope of you posting again. Very pleased you are back.

    • Hi Scarlet
      Yep… my posts are a bit like buses. None for ages, then they all come along at once! My excuse is that finding time to write can be a problem, but I also have to wait for something interesting to happen in my calligraphic world that’s worth sharing. Fortunately, I had a wee run of eventful calligraphy-related happenings recently that inspired me to get typing. It will probably be another three months till my next post, but there definitely will be a next post. Many thanks for your perseverance with my erratic output. I appreciate your support.
      Best wishes,

  2. peggo says:

    haha.. it’s so funny to know this, and sad for me because I use to be convinced myself that the best teacher was me… haha.. but anyway I admire and like so much your accurate and fine work, really.

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