My favourite calligraphy book of the moment

In my workplace, I’m surrounded by calligraphy books, all within easy reach for when I’m in need of inspiration or motivation.

One book that has had a particular influence on my recent calligraphic creativity is Modern Mark Making by Lisa Engelbrecht. This book taught me to relax my occasionally too-disciplined approach to calligraphy, and showed me how to break the rules that can sometimes limit experimentation and stunt creativity (but as with everything in life, if you want to break the rules of calligraphy successfully, then you have to learn them first.) In a nutshell, the book reminded me that calligraphy should be fun.

Screenshot 2015-02-06 10.54.28Modern Mark Making is a very modern book for non-traditionalists. If you want to learn ‘traditional’ calligraphy, then buy a book by a master of the craft, such as Tom Gourdie (whose books I also own). If you want to enjoy creating letters by less formal methods, and have some fun along the way, then treat yourself to a copy of Modern Mark Making… you won’t regret it.

Visit Lisa Engelbrecht’s website here, and her blog here. Buy Modern Mark Making on Amazon.

The Modern Mark Making image at the top of this article is representative of the spiral-bound copy that I own. According to Lisa’s website the latest paperback version is entitled Modern Calligraphy and Hand Lettering, as per thumbnail shown on the left. Apart from a few differences, they are basically the same book.

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