The inky fingers of Pokras Lampas

Inky-FingersIt’s an occupational hazard for calligraphers, but although I’ve had a few inky fingers in my time, I’ve managed to avoid getting myself quite as messy as Pokras Lampas (above), an incredibly talented, and incredibly young, Russian artist-calligrapher.

But I shouldn’t be too smug about keeping my hands cleaner than Pokras, since I’ve never attempted a piece of calligraphy on the scale of his recent project, a live calligraphy performance lasting three hours.

Inky-Fingers-2On the website Fubiz you can see photographs from the event, described as…

“The Russian artist calligrapher Pokras Lampas in collaboration with Nike Russia during Moscow Vogue Fashion Week delivered a 3-hour long live calligraphy performance about the history of the Air Force 1, using different brushes and markers.”

If you take a look, prepare to be impressed.

You can see further examples of Pokras’ lettering, including a video, here. The video shows body-painting on scantily-clad models, so may not be for everyone!

My own work for today is much more modest than a three hour live performance. I’m inscribing a bride’s wedding stationery, so vigilance is essential. Misplaced ink is something I daren’t even think about.

Wishful inking, indeed!


Free (and legal) calligraphy books download (1)

Anyone learning calligraphy, or who is already an exponent of the craft, may be interested to know that eight free calligraphy books can be legally downloaded as a PDF or viewed online at This is a fantastic free resource that shouldn’t be missed.

If you are interested in Italic hand-writing, check out “Cursive Handwriting News” by Gunnlaugur SE Briem. If you’re more interested in the artistic side of calligraphy, then Leonid Pronenko’s “Russian Calligraphy” contains inspiring colour images.

The remaining six books relate to various aspects of calligraphy, and will be a worthwhile addition to your ‘virtual’ library.

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